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Our 5-minute Pre-Treatment Meditations set the stage for a relaxing experience.


After consultation, grant your guest the time to undress. As they prepare, select one of our pre-treatment meditations to play, each commencing with a soothing 30-second music introduction. Upon your return, find your client at ease, present, and ready to savour their treatment fully.

Start a FREE 7-day TRIAL below and if its not for you, simply cancel before the 7th day to avoid the $20/mth fee. If you love it, simply continue. Once you've started the free trial, you'll be able to access the the 'drop down sub menu' related to this category offering approx 6 sessions to choose from with more being added every few months.


  • Pre-Treatment Subscr

    Every month
    Ease clients into treatments with 5mins mindfulness, laying the foundation for optimal relaxation
     7 day free trial
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