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Meditation Facial with headphones and eye mask


A sphere of zen and tranquility. A place to find peace within.

Unlock an oasis of tranquillity with our specially crafted mindfulness meditations for spas, clinics, and salons.


Your clients deserve more than just physical rejuvenation. They come seeking a sanctuary, a momentary escape from the chaos of daily life. Tranquilosphere offers a unique, carefully curated collection of meditations tailored to the Australian Spa, Clinic, and Beauty Industry. Our tailored meditations help your clients truly unwind before and during their treatments, ensuring they savour every precious moment of their experience.

Our Journey

At Tranquilosphere, our story is woven with passion, understanding, and a deep connection to the world of beauty, wellness, and mindfulness. Born from a real-life need to enhance the relaxation experience, we embarked on a journey that has touched lives and healed souls.

Jocelyn, with over 20 years’ experience as a salon owner and educator, teamed up with her mother Merrilyn, a seasoned alternative healing practitioner. Together, they discovered the transformative power of welcoming mindful meditation into the treatment room. Learn more about us here.


Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Beauty Business Is A Seamless Process With Tranquilosphere

By including our guided meditations into your treatment experiences, complete with deep breathing techniques, beautiful stories, and affirmations, you can create a comprehensive circle of skin and mind wellbeing.

All you need is a dedicated smart device like an iPad or iPhone to stream our meditations, and either wired headphones for clients or a portable speaker for a shared experience. For our Pre-Treatment Meditations, a portable speaker is ideal, and if you have an infra-red sauna, the in-built Bluetooth sound system is the perfect choice for our Sauna Meditations.

Tailored Subscriptions

Our meditation subscriptions allow you to effortlessly weave mindfulness into your business, all for less than one dollar per day. With Tranquilosphere, you're not just offering a service, but a holistic experience that sets your client experience apart.


But we don't stop at the client. Our industry-first Calm Therapist sessions are designed to enhance your team’s morale, recharge their batteries, and align them with a shared sense of purpose.


Ready to explore the Tranquilosphere? Browse our Plans and Pricing  and start immersing your clients in the healing power of mindfulness.


Imagine a world where every treatment is not just a fleeting moment but a holistic experience that nourishes the soul. That's what we envisioned when we created Tranquilosphere. Sample our tailored meditation sessions for yourself:

Experience Tranquilosphere

Meditation for LED Light Therapy Facial



LED Illumination Sample

LED Illumination Sample
Unleash the true power of LED Facial therapy with a meditation designed to harmonise the mind and illuminate the skin. Experience total  rejuvenation from within.

Read more here

Infra Red Sauna Meditation

Sauna sample

Rejuvenation Sauna Sample

Sauna Rejuvenation Sample
Transform your sauna session into a soul-enriching experience. This meditation promotes deep relaxation and detoxification, aligning your body's natural rhythms. Read more here

Pre-Treatment Meditation Facial

General & Pre-Treatment sample

General Sample

General and Pre-Treatment Sample
Allow your clients to ease into their treatment and leave behind the stress of the day. This meditation prepares their mind to fully engage with the healing touch of professional care. Read more here

Beauty Therapist listening to meditation through headphones

Calm Therapist sample

Therapist Web Sample #2

Calm Therapist Sample
A nurturing meditation for therapists, designed to centre, calm, and rejuvenate. With Calm Therapist, enhance focus, uplift spirits, and prepare to give your best to your clients.

Read more here

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