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Your therapists are the backbone of the experience you provide. With our Calm Therapist sessions, we help them find their centre and rejuvenate their spirits, ensuring they deliver the best for your clients.

In a world where burnout is real, these sessions offer a brief respite, infusing positive energy and focus. Whether integrated into your team meeting rhythms or during a lunch break, our guided meditations can be the secret to a happier, more engaged team.

A Calm Therapist subscription is an investment in your team’s wellbeing, enhancing their ability to connect with clients and provide exceptional service.

  • Calm Therapist Subsc

    Every month
    Cultivating a harmonious work environment, these short sessions focus on therapist wellbeing
     7 day free trial
    • A series of 5min mindfulness sessions for Therapists

Calm Therapist

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