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Mindfulness Facial Tranquilosphere

Dear Friends in the Professional Spa, Clinic, and Beauty Industry,


We are Jocelyn and Merrilyn, a mother-daughter team with a shared vision for something extraordinary within our beloved industry.


Our story isn't just about creating another spa service or enhancing relaxation. It's about a transformative experience that heals the soul, a journey that goes to the heart of what true beauty and wellness means.


You may know the frustration of a treatment where the mind remains restless until the final minutes. You may have seen the personal and professional struggles that challenges like the pandemic can inflict on mental wellbeing. We have too, and we knew we needed to do something about it.


Our combined passions have led us to create Tranquilosphere, a unique offering of mindfulness meditations tailored specifically for the spa, salon, and clinic world. Through Merrilyn's mastery of alternative healing and Jocelyn's deep industry knowledge, we've crafted an experience that doesn't just relax but resonates on a profound, life-affirming level.


Clients have wept with joy, found solace in grief, and even marked their transformation with permanent reminders like tattoos. It's more than therapy; it's a soul-touching connection that dissolves stress and rejuvenates the spirit.


But Tranquilosphere goes beyond the emotional realm. We believe firmly in the vital connection between the mind and skin. Stress profoundly impacts the skin, and by addressing mental wellness within our treatments, we complete a full circle of skin health, leading to a radiant glow that starts from within.


From pre-treatment mindfulness to specialised recordings for LED treatments, saunas, or our therapeutic Calm Therapist sessions, we offer an enriching enhancement to the standard treatment routine. It's an affordable way to differentiate your services and provide holistic, meaningful care for your clients.


We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, we can elevate the industry we love so much, providing not just treatments but transformations.


Let us create together a new sphere of wellness, a Tranquilosphere, where the mind and body unite, where beauty reflects inner peace, and where every treatment is a step toward true wellbeing.


With heartfelt warmth,

Jocelyn and Merrilyn

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