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Transform your sauna experience into a journey of mindfulness and detoxification.


Our Sauna sessions commence with an introduction about the benefits of mindfulness and sauna, followed by guided breathing and a reflective story.

Each 20–30-minute session extends into 10 minutes of music, summing to a 40-minute total. Currently, we offer nine distinct sessions, best experienced through the Sauna's built-in Bluetooth music system.



Sauna Alahna Far_edited.jpg

Start a FREE 7-day TRIAL below and if its not for you, simply cancel before the 7th day to avoid the $20/mth fee. If you love it, simply continue. Once you've started the free trial, you'll be able to access the the 'drop down sub menu' related to this category offering approx 10 sessions to choose from with more being added every few months.

  • Sauna Subscription

    Every month
    Enhance sauna sessions with 40min guided meditations, deepening relaxation while detoxifying the bod
     7 day free trial
    • A series of sessions 40mins duration
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