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LED Therapy

LED Therapy is an innovative technique for skin rejuvenation. Why not amplify its benefits with the soothing power of mindfulness? Our meditations specifically designed for LED sessions will transport your clients to a world of peace and relaxation.

Integrating meditation into your LED Light Therapy treatments has never been so effortless. Simply place safety goggles over your client's eyes and switch on your LED Light Therapy machine. Then, apply headphones over your client's ears, press play, and let our specially crafted meditations do the rest.


Each session begins with a brief introduction to LED, immersing your clients in the knowledge of this rejuvenating technology. Guided breathing follows, easing them into a beautiful reflective story that relaxes the mind while their skin transforms. Start a FREE 7-day TRIAL below and if its not for you, simply cancel before the 7th day to avoid the $20/mth fee. If you love it, simply continue. Once you've started the free trial, you'll be able to access the the 'drop down sub menu' related to this category offering approx 10 sessions to choose from with more being added every few months.


Click below to hear a sample of our LED Therapy series.

An introduction to the benefits of LED light therapy when combined with mindfulness.

This is the prelude to every track. 

LED Intro SampleMD Meditations
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    A harmonious blend of science and serenity. Tailored 20-30 minute meditations enhance results
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